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Sharing, Privacy, Bookmarks, and More...

Saving, Sharing, Services, Apps. Send links to Facebook, Twitter, ReadItLater, Instapaper, and many other services. Make your links more readable with Instapaper Mobilizer and Readability. Send your links to apps such as Twitter for iOS, TweetBot, and GoodReader.

Sending can be done from the Action menu or in the context menu for a link.

Ad Blocking. Hostname-based ad blocking improves performance, reduce memory load, and declutter web pages.
Private Browsing. Enter Private Browsing mode to stop recording your browsing history and work with a clear cookie slate. All your history and cookies are restored when you exit.

Highly configurable settings allow you set when you should automatically exit Private Browsing, and whether to start a new Private session or go back to your regular set of cookies when your Private session expires.

Bookmarks. Full support for Bookmarks and Folder.

Import bookmarks from your desktop browser by using iTunes or mailing them to yourself; export them to a file for use in other browsers.

Smart bookmark opening. If you already have a tab open for a bookmark, Grazing will switch to it when you tap the bookmark. Otherwise it will open a new tab. (This can be configured, of course.)

Press-and-hold a bookmark to open it in a background tab.

History. Tabs and their navigation history are preserved between sessions - and when you open a link in a new page, it inherits the history of the parent tab. No more switching on an old tab and wondering how you got there!

Press-and-hold on the Back or Forward navigation buttons to see your navigation history.

Your full search history is available from the Bookmarks menu.