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"Open in Grazing" Bookmarklet

The "Open in Grazing" bookmarklet for iPad Safari allows you to send the current page in Safari to Grazing. So, for example, if another app opens a link in Safari, you can click the bookmarklet to open it Grazing for further browsing.

Note: With iOS 8, it's easier to use the "Open in Grazing" extension from the Safari Share menu.

If you are currently syncing your Safari bookmarks between your computer and your iPad, the bookmarklet is easily installed. If you aren't syncing, the bookmarklet can still be installed but is unfortunately a bit more complicated.

If you are syncing Safari bookmarks with your computer, do this:

  1. Open this (current) page in Safari on your computer.
    • In Grazing, you can use Grazing Push to send it to yourself.
  2. Drag this link to your bookmarks bar:

    Open in Grazing

  3. Done! After you synchronize, just click the Open in Grazing bookmarklet in Safari to send the current page to Grazing.

Otherwise, do this:

  1. Open this page in Safari on your iPad.
  2. First, follow the below instructions to select all the text in this box and copy it to the clipboard:
    • Tap inside. The keyboard will appear.
    • Tap and hold for the magnifying glass, then release. Select/Select All/Paste will appear.
    • Tap Select All. Cut/Copy/Paste will appear.
    • Tap Copy.
  3. Then, follow these intructions to create a new bookmark, then edit the bookmark to replace the web page address with the javascript code you just copied.
    • Add a bookmark by tapping the + toolbar button and selecting Add Bookmark.
    • A bookmark for this web page will appear, titled Open in Grazing. Save it by tapping Save.
    • Tap the bookmarks toolbar button, and select Edit in the top right of the popover. The menu will change into Edit mode.
    • With the bookmarks list now in Edit mode, tap the new Open in Grazing bookmark you just created.
    • Tap the Address field (the second field). Tap the X button to clear it, then tap-and-hold to reveal the Paste menu. Select Paste.
    • Your bookmark should now have the javascript code you copied above in the Address field. Click Save to save it.
  4. Done! Clicking the new Open in Grazing bookmarklet should open the current page in Grazing.