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Importing Bookmarks

Grazing can import bookmarks from all major desktop browsers. You just need to generate a bookmarks.html file in your browser, and then upload or email it to Grazing.

Unfortunately Grazing 2 cannot be upgraded to allow an automatic upgrade process, so exporting bookmarks is a manual process, similar to importing desktop browser bookmarks.

Note that iOS Safari bookmarks can only be imported if you're syncing them with your desktop through iCloud.

1. Generate bookmarks.html

Older versions of Grazing
  • Go to Settings -> Bookmarks -> Export to File -> Export
  • In iTunes:
    • Go to (Your Device) -> Apps -> File Sharing (scroll down)
    • From Grazing in File Sharing app list, select export.html and Save To... your desktop.
    • From Grazing 3 in the File Sharing app list, select Add... and add the export.html file from your desktop.
  • Wrench menu -> Bookmark Manager. Organize -> Export Bookmarks
Internet Explorer
  • Click Favorites, click the down-arrow next to Add to Favorites, and then click Import and Export.
  • Bookmarks menu -> Show All Bookmarks. Then choose "Export HTML" from the Import/Export menu (far right icon).
  • In Safari, choose File ▸ Export Bookmarks...

2. Send it to Grazing

  • Verify the file is named bookmarks.html.
  • You can add the file using iTunes or through email.
    • Importing bookmarks through iTunes:
      1. Add the file to Grazing using the Apps tab for your device in iTunes.
      2. To import the file, go to Actions menu -> Settings -> Bookmarks -> Import in Grazing on your device.
    • Importing bookmarks with email:
      1. Email the file to yourself
      2. Open the bookmarks.html file from Mail on your device. (Open the attachment, and then choose "Open In..." from the Action menu.)